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State-by-state YRS history and other information

This page will be continually updated, as time permits, with state-by-state information on YRS developments and histories. (Also see The Reject List for state-by-state list of school districts that rejected YRS.)

Below you will find: 


Texas retreats from YR calendar.
--chart shows YRS growth and decline 1991-2001.


State-by-state YRS legislation.
--links to a report with a list of states with YRS laws.

If you have information you think should appear on this page, please e-mail  your summary, not to exceed 250 words, to:

Last updated May 30, 2002

Texas Says Adios to Year-round School

Evidence of the  declining popularity  of the year-round calendar can be found in the following data from the Texas Education Agency.

Enrollment peaked in 1997-98 school year, with 187,774 and dwindled to 63,037 four years later. For more information see the Texas Education Agency web site


School Year No.  YR Districts No. YR Campuses   YR  Student Enrollment
1991-92 22 unknown 25,782
1992-93 45 163 62,675
1993-94 58 228 95,092
1994-95 67 313 152,761
1995-96 63 351 182,118
1996-97 63 359 159,885
1997-98 61 337 187,774
1998-99 56 274 151,924
1999-00  46 158
plus 6 charter schools
2000-01 35 114
plus 12 charter schools
 Information provided by the Texas Education Agency


States with YRS-related legislation

A report issued by the Education Commission of the States in 1997 found 25 states that had passed some kind of year-round school-related state law. The report with a state-by-state summary of the laws can be found at the following web address: