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A list of studies and Web sites 
on school calendar issues

This site is continuously updated. Watch for new postings


 Hand out this list to parents and teachers; include this list in materials for information meetings and school board presentations. A website resource list by state is also on this page. 

Here are some WEB SITES with particularly good information:
This site is an important resource for grassroots groups  and people new to school calendar issues. It was designed to provide the reader quick overviews of the issues and quick  summaries of the research on and  experiences with  year-round school around the nation. It also provides up-to-date accounts of new research and news from around the nation on school calendar reform  and issues related to it. On this site you will find  a list of  hundreds of school districts representing thousands of schools  that either tried and rejected year-round schools or considered year-round school and then rejected the idea. The site, compiled by a journalist, contains several commentaries that can be included in calendar presentations.
The British Columbia Teacherís Federation website  provides 
excellent reviews  of the research on the year-round calendar related to  learning and cost effectiveness. The site also explores other options to school overcrowding. It was compiled by Charles Naylor, an experieand respected education researcher.
This site was developed by a  grassroots committee, Stop Year-Round School Citizen's Group. The contributors include several  professors from Auburn University, whose children would have been impacted by a switch to a year-round calendar. "Year-Round School in Auburn: A report to the Auburn City Schools Board of Education," (Nov. 7, 1998), found on this site is a 
good  report format to follow for your community's opposition presentation.
This comprehensive website was developed by Wes Walker, a father of seven who lived through the nightmare of year-round school. The many excellent links to research studies and other websites makes this site the most valuable one-stop source of information. Here you will also find strategies for stopping aggressive efforts to implement  year-round school  and great commentaries contributed by many people around the nation who have become part of Walker's NOYRE network.  Be sure to check links on this site to papers by Robert Rosenfeld, Ross E. Mitchell and the North Carolina Department of Education.   The second web address is a page with flyers on the issues that you can download and  distribute.
Wes Walker will soon have a website for Spanish speaking parents up and running. 
This  Anniston, Ala.,  site posts excerpts from and links to many current articles on year-round school issues.
This site is by Time To Learn, a not-for-profit organization, opposed to school calendar change.


More Web Sites by State
Check out these other Web sites built by individuals or grassroots groups around the nation.
If you would like your website included on this list, please send an e-mail to with your web address.

This site was developed by a  grassroots committee, Stop Year-Round School Citizen's Group. The contributors include several  professors from Auburn University.
Anniston, Ala.,  site posts excerpts from and links to many current articles.
Site by a state coalition opposed to year-round school.

(Mark Widder's web page-Prarie Grove, Ark.)
Site by a parent

This comprehensive website was developed by Wes Walker, a Phoenix father of seven.
Group examines changes for school start dates.

grassroots group in Tracy, Calif.

The British Columbia Teacherís Federation website 

(Citizens Against Year Round Education - Polk County, Fla.)
This site is provides research compiled by a Florida journalist.

Provides stats that show dramatic declines (down 78 points in 2 years) in SAT test scores of high school students after the Trion City School District switched to a year-round calendar.
Thomasville, Ga., grassroots opposition website
Website of a coalition opposed to school calendar change

Minister in Hawaii outlines the calendar change problems 

Family Action Committee for Traditional Schooling
Another Illinois group opposed to school calendar reconfiguration

SOS Citizens Group - Meridian Idaho

Kansas group opposed to calendar change.


New Jersey:
Excellent article by Dorothy Rubin, professor, The College of New Jersey

New York:
Excellent  case made on the impact of year-round school on tourism industry

North Carolina:
Parents in Wake County, N.C., organized and wrote this report outlining the detriments of switching to a year-round calendar.

grassroots group in Ohio
Toledo, Ohio, Parents Against a Balanced Calendar

Oklahoma group opposed to early school start dates

Williamson County Schools (Nashville area) parent opposition website.
This site does a great job of providing counter arguments to proponent
claims of the benefits of school calendar change.
Greeneville, TN Parents and Teachers Against Year-Round School
Report outlines the detriment of year-round school to 180,000-plus seasonal 
workers in Tennessee who rely on income from summer jobs at tourist spots. 
(Williamson County ,Tenn., "School for All Seasons" Information Web Site)
Knoxville group opposed to calendar change
Save Our Summers Johnson City, Tenn.

Texans For A Traditional School Year
This site is by Time To Learn, a not-for-profit organization.

Suffolk Parents for a Traditional School Year

West Virginia:


Government Studies
summer activities
summer employment
school data


Links - Studies, Reports, Media Accounts
Cheatham County, Tennessee,  journalist Kerry McCarver captures well  the long-term and larger financial and education consequences of experiments with school calendar change. This is a must read for all parents whose school board members just don't seem to comprehend the larger and long-term economic and educational implications  of even just experimenting with a year-round calendar, balanced calendar or any of the other aliases used to disguise a move to a year-round calendar and eventually a longer school year.
A must-read for any community considering a year-round calendar. This comprehensive report paints a  frightening  portrait of the consequences  of  year-round school  in Los Angeles.
A parent group  in Wake County, N.C., put together this report and petition in opposition to year-round education. It could be a good format for other opposition groups.
This school was built to take the pain out of rotating  teachers out of their classrooms multiple times a year that is part of the ritual of multi-track Year-round, yet teachers still find the moving  a hassle.
Details some of  the reasons why the year-round calendar is fading fast in Texas, which once had the second largest year-round school district in the nation.
Another story on  why the year-round calendar is fading fast in Texas.
"School day is long enough"  by Deborah Meier, a recipient 
of a MacArthur Fellowship and the author of "The Power of Their Ideas" and "Will 
Standards Save Public Education?" The author makes a strong case against expanding the school year, saying more of the same won't improve schools.
The nine-grade schools being used in Texas and elsewhere might offer an alternative to placing overcrowded middle schools or high schools on a year-round calendar, and might even be better educationally.
Pro and Con arguments on school calendar reconfiguration.
An insightful  article about "education opportunism" and school reform.
Some of you faced with proposals for an early school start date might want to download this letter to the editor by Billee Bussard, editor,, and include it in your packages of information to school officials and the community. It was published August 8, 2001 in The Florida Times-Union.


Summertime Learning Experiences
Respected education researcher Gerald Bracey looks at the research on summer learning experiences. The Washington Post op-ed piece shows the importance families vacation experiences make in a child's education performance.
Some of the important summer learning experiences for young people today are featured in this article. The traditional school year provides the wide window of opportunity for these and other kinds of summer learning experiences.
Valuable summer learning experiences afforded by the traditional school calendar are recounted by some of the nation's  education leaders and college admissions officials.
The experiences in this six-week summer dance program returned children to school with better concentration and listening skills.
At-risk children respond positively and their school performance improves when communities get involved, as  illustrated in this inspiring story about a program by the Jacksonville Jaguars Foundation.  School districts concerned with the so-called summer slide of at-risk kids might learn a lesson or two from this program.